We all know how irritating it is to work on a slow computer. PCs that take a long time to switch on or shutdown waste a lot of our busy time. 

Some old PCs tend to take forever to open up pages, copy files, open windows. And if you have multiple Windows open your PC may responding. This usually happens when your PC is getting old.

cause of slowness of your windows pc

Today we will discuss all the factor that slows down your PC and how to solve them.


1. Some programmes make your PC slow

There are some programs or applications that use a lot of Disk memory and slow down your PC. Your PC has to work extra hard to keep the program running. If that program uses a lot of CPU resources that can also slow down your computer.

How to fix- the simple and effective option is to close those programs. 

However, before you close the program, you need to know which program is causing the problem.

To identify the program you will have to open your task manager right-click on your mouse, select the option “task manager”. Here, you can analyse which of the program are taking most of your Disk memory and CPU resources. 

Now, that you have identified which program is taking up most of the resources, you can close those programs with “end task”. This should help you to a great extent to speed up your computer

2. Hard drive issues

Hard drive tends to Slow Down after a few years of usage no matter how cautiously you use it. Hard drives are designed in such a way that they are bound to slow down at some point in their life. To prevent your computer from slowing down due to worn down hard drive is to change your hard drive for a solid-state hard drive, that is an SSD.

SSD has more space, they take less time to read, their life span is more. Also, the data easier to retrieve from an SSD.  

Unlike hard drives, SSDs don’t mechanical parts for reading data. SSD’s data is read by the computer’s Processor. 

3. Malware

Sometimes a virus causes your computer to slow down. A virus can get in your due to a number of reasons- you might have clicked on some popup, you might have downloaded infected files, you might have clicked on an unknown link. Whatever the reason is, viruses can corrupt your system data and slow your PC down. 

If you think viruses are the reason for your computer’s bad performance, you can install a good antivirus and scan your computer for any virus. Antivirus provides features that help you clear down your browsing history, caches and cookies and Temporary Internet Files. It will also empty trash can. It can detect programs that are making your computer run slow. 

However, you have to keep in mind that antivirus may also slow down your computer. Anti-viruses scanning your computer once a week or two weeks will take a long time to scan through the file. If you are working while that is happening it will slow down your computer to a great extent. 

4. Having too many windows open at once

While working if you have too many windows open at once, your computer may run slow or stop responding.

In that case, you should close all the windows that aren’t being used and keep the only window open that you are working on. 

5. Extensions

Web extensions can also slow down your computer. 

If your web browser is slow the reason might be multiple extensions or addons. Such as ad blockers, virus scanners, messenger services or any other kind of extension.

Open of the add-on manager and disable all the unnecessary add-ons to make your browser faster. 

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