Things To Do In Tulsa, OK

Tulsa is the second largest City in Oklahoma. It is located near the river Arkansas river. It has an area of 196. 8 square miles. The place was once considered the ‘oil capital of the world’.

Things To Do In Tulsa, OK

Here is a list of places you can visit on Tulsa, Oklahoma

1. Philbrook Museum Of Art – The Philbrook Museum of Art in Philbrook downtown is a popular location to take your kids for an enlightening experience. It was established in the year 1939. It is the historic home of Waite and Genevieve Phillips. 

It has an extensive nine collections of the art form from all over the world. The has collection focusing on Native American art featuring basketry, Pottery, painting and jewelry. 

2. Gathering Places – Gathering Place is a Riverfront family park. The place is great to take your family and friends to. 

It has Adventure playground for your kids with climbing features, slides, towers, play gardens, sad lot and water areas. Attractions like Skywalk, Spiral connectors, volcanoville, fairyland forest and many more make it great for adults and kids. 

The place also has Dining hot-spots to enjoy a good meal.

3. Gilcrease Museum – Gilcrease Museum has the world’s largest collection of art of American West. It also has a collection from central and South America. 

The Museum hoards the collection by Thomas Gilcrease, an oilman who started to collect artefacts mid 20th century. 

The museum holds summer camp activities and various other events.

4. Tulsa Zoo – Tulsa Zoo is a non-profit Zoo at Mohawk Park. The Zoo holds a wide variety of animals ranging from elephants, chimpanzees, sea lion to several kinds of birds and reptiles.

Take the whole day to visit the 85-acre with your kids and family and have a great time.

5. Woody Guthrie Centre – Woody Guthrie Centre at Brady street is great from music lover. It holds a history of music. The exhibit includes arts related to American Folk music and musicians. The museum is dedicated to Singer and Songwriter Woody Guthrie. 

6. Route 66 – The place is what inspired the movie Cars. It shows the small-town American lifestyle. You can visit the famous Ollie’s Station Restaurant.

The sides of the route are lined with rustic buildings. You can see movie memorabilia along the walls. 

7. Tulsa Botanic Garden – The place is great to get close to nature’s beauty. The garden has water flowing to the lake, it holds around 8,000 perennial plantations that include trees, roses and plants surrounding it. 


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