Causes Of Hard Drive Failures

One of the most common reasons why your computer breaks down is hard drive failure. The hard drive is a very important part of your computer. It stores your data and computer programs including files for the operating system. Any issue with the hard drive can make you lose all your important data.

Causes Of Hard Drive Failures

Here are the most common reasons for hard drive failure:

1. Thermal regulation

If your laptop does not have proper ventilation it can heat up. 

If the fans are not working properly or the thermal paste dried down, it can cause your CPU to heat up significantly. If that happens it can cause damage to the internal parts of your computer including the hard drive.

To solve the problem you need to check if your computer has proper ventilation. If the fans are working properly.

Take your computer to a professional and get the fan fixed if it isn’t working properly. Ask him to put on a new coat of thermal paste.

Another way to keep your system cool is to buy a cooling pad. Keep your laptop over the cooling pad. It provides maximum ventilation to your computer.

2. Mechanical failure

Any blocks in the hard drive can cause the spindle motor to stop functioning. In old computers, the moving parts of the hard drive may wear down over time.

Virus attack can also alter the date of your hard drive and make it unreadable.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to update your laptop system regularly. 

Get a good antivirus program.

Even after all that if your hard drive is not functioning properly, it is better to replace your hard drive with an SSD.

 3. Human fiddling

Computer software is a very complicated thing. Sometimes trying to alter something on your own can damage the hard drive.

If you’re not fully knowledgeable, trying to all the system files attributions and locations or modifying the system registry settings can make your hard drive unreadable.

 4. Physical failures

Power surges can affect your computer hard drive adversely. For example, if you are connecting your computer to an unreliable power source, whose power is either not enough or too much for the computer it can damage the internal parts.

If the battery of your laptop isn’t working properly and your computer keeps crashing it can damage your hard drive.

If you accidentally spill liquid on your computer, the liquid can get cause electric failures.

It is not much you can do for physical failures. It is best to take your computer to repair shop or to call up It professionals and replace the damaged parts.

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