Basic Trouble Shooting Tips For Windows Computer


In today’s world, you will hardly find anyone without a computer. Almost everyone is using electronic devices. It becomes necessary that you know some basic troubleshooting for windows computer.

Most common computer problems are :

1. Computer shutting off on its own.

2. Computer rebooting on its own

3. Slow Internet.

4. Computer Affected by Virus

5. Malfunctioning Operating System.

6. Computer heating up.

7. Loss of data etc.

In this article, we will discuss preventive measures for the smooth functioning of your laptops and desktops. And troubleshoot some basic problems in a Windows computer.

Basic trouble shooting tips for windows computer

Preventive measures to make your laptop or desktop to work in a better way

  • When you buy a new laptop or desktop there are few things you should do make your computer last longer.
  • Delete any app that unnecessarily takes lots of space in your computer and eats up your RAM. Go to task manager and delete such apps. Do not delete any app that is pre-installed and you don’t know what it does.
  • Don’t let your laptop overheat. Overheating can drown battery and slow your laptop down. Get a cooling pad if your computer is older than two years.
  • Install Anti-virus. The virus can not only compromise with the safety of your computer, it can damage data and slow your computer down.
  • Transfer your data to the cloud and free up RAM. Too much data on your RAM can slow up your computer. Most of the time the data is junk and we rarely need it.
  • If your battery is draining quickly especially if it’s an old laptop try replacing the laptop.
  • Clean your browsing data regularly, like history, cookies and caches to increase the speed of your computer.
  • Add RAM memory. Few years of use of your computer can slow your computer down significantly, to keep it in good condition try to increase the RAM space.
  • Upgrade to an SSD from a hard drive. SSD helps to fasten up your computer.

Some Common Computer Problem and Their solution

1. The Computer Shuts Down On It’s Own 

  • The most common cause of computer shutting down on its own can be overheating. overheating can happen when you are running too many operations on the computer at once. If it is shutting down too often there might be other issues. Your laptop or computer’s fan might have stopped working. The inside may become too dirty. Thermal compound on the processor may wear off.
  • There might be software issues. Too much data, too many programs running in the background, certain software etc can cause overheating.
  • To reduce the heat generation try to replace non-working fans, put thermal compound on the processor. For software, free up RAM space, run system diagnosis. Get a cooling pad to keep your computer cool.

2. The Desktop Screen is Blank

  • If your computer is on but the screen is black check the power connection to see the monitor is getting power supply. Make sure your monitor is connected to the CPU.

3. Your Operating System Is Acting Up

  • This might happen due to a virus. Get a reliable anti-virus, scan your computer for any malware.
  • The Operating System might act weirdly if the RAM is too full. Try to free up space in the RAM.

4. Booting Takes Too Long

  • Remove startup programs that start when you switch on the computer.
  • For window’s 10 users turn off ‘fast startup’ under system> Power & sleep option. A fast startup often slows the booting, turning off the option have shown to help many.
  • Here’s the solution if you are still having problems. Save all your data to an external drive and reset your computer to factory settings.

5. Your Screen Froze

  • This can happen due to many reasons. A virus attack, decreased RAM space, missing files etc can be a few reasons. The only way to solve the problem is to hold the start button for some time and shut the computer off. There is no way to get unsaved data but make sure to run a system diagnosis to make sure this doesn’t happen again.
  • Some problems need professional intervention. For any type of computer hardware or software problem, give us a call right now.

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